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Open Courses

Open Courses are the courses offered by each department for students of other departments in the Fifth Semester UG Programme.

Coordinator : Smt. Gayathridevy K.M.

Open Courses offered
Botany Applied Botany (BOT5D02T)
Chemistry Environmental Chemistry (CHE5D01)
Commerce Basics of Entrepreneurship & Management (BCM5D02)
Computer Science Introduction to Computers & Office automation (BCS5D01)
Economics Economics in everyday life (ECO5D01)
English Appreciating Literature (ENG5D03)
Hindi Spoken Hindi (HIN5D01)
History Historical Tourism (HIS5D01)
Industrial Chemistry Chemistry in daily life (CHE5D02)
Malayalam Chalachithra padhanam (MAL5D01)
Mathematics Applied Calculus (MTS5D01)
Physical Education Physical activity, Health & Wellness (PEN5D03)
Physics Non-Conventional Energy Sources (PHY5D01 (1))
Zoology Reproductive Health  & Sex Education (Z0L5D01T)


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