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Innovative Programmes

Additional Skill Acquisition Programme (ASAP)

Co-ordinator: Mr. Priyesh K G

Additional Skill Acquisition Programme is a part of the State Skill Development Programme, a joint venture of Department of Higher Education, General Education, Labour and Local Self Government, to increase the skilled manpower in the state. ASAP has embarked on a journey to impart training with the objective of building a pool of skilled personnel with appropriate skills, in line with the requirements of the industry. Being aware of the sweeping changes in the labour market, ASAP aims at creating a new generation of educated and skilled personnel who fills this vacuum. For this, ASAP has set up multiple programmes and training opportunities. The programme aims at equipping selected college students with skills in Communication, IT and selected areas of industry and service sectors. At Level 1, ASAP imparts 300 hours of skill training to selected first year students (30 per batch, maximum 2 batches in an institution). Of this, 180 hours is a foundation module comprising of Communication Skills and IT skills and the remaining 120 hours is the module related to the skill sector chosen by the student. ASAP came in to functioning in the college from 2014-15 academic years. Both the Social and economic background is taken into consideration for selection of students. Those students, who need a job immediately after UG has given a preference during the ASAP selection. Initial batch consisted of 21 students from various departments and later batches contain 26 and 31 students each.


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