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Nss College Ottapalam Policies and Procedures for Academic, Infrastructure Maintenance

The Institution has an effective mechanism for the maintenance and upkeep of the facilities, infrastructure and equipment. Funds from the Government, Management and PTAare allocated for the maintenance. The Construction, maintenance and repairing of academic buildings, library, classrooms, and electrical appliances of the college are done by management. The College receives grants from the Government under PD account for the purchase of Equipment for Office and Laboratories. Library updates Journals, Text Books, References books and resources from the Government Funds. The Sports Infrastructure and Equipment are purchased from Government Funds and PTA. The Purchase of equipment and Books are assisted by the Purchase Committee of the College. The Purchase of Computers and accessories it is assured that the installation and maintenance charges are provided by the company, The Funds received from the RUSA Scheme is provided for the Up-gradation and repairing of the Laboratories, Construction and Renovation of the existing infrastructure