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Research Cell

The College Research Committee serves as a champion for fostering a vibrant research culture and supporting faculty and student endeavors.

1. Creating a culture that encourages research activity among faculty and students, involves organizing seminars, workshops, or guest lectures by prominent researchers, or establishing research awards and recognition programs.
2. The committee can guide faculty members on identifying research funding opportunities and assist with writing compelling grant proposals. They must review proposals before submission to ensure clarity and competitiveness.
3. Organize workshops on research methodologies, data analysis techniques, or scientific writing to equip faculty with the necessary skills.
4. Review and evaluate ongoing research projects to ensure they meet academic standards and are completed within the timeframe.


Sl. No. Name Designation
01 Sri. Rahul, V. Kumar Convener
02 Dr. Bijudas, K. Member
03 Dr. Sangeetha Varma Member
04 Dr. Salini, V.G. Member
05 Ms. Rekha Menon P. Member
06 Ms. Nayana, K. Member
07 Dr. Maya, P. Member
08 Ms. Geetha, K. Member


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