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Economics Department



Mould students of the institution into socially committed, intellectually inclined, citizens.


Always strive to bring out the best performance from our students and to meet the needs of changing times.

Department of Economics started functioning in 1969 with Shri K P Prabhakaran Nair as the first Head of the Department. It is one of the oldest departments of this institution. The department has been enriched with top quality and committed teachers right from the beginning.The teaching activities of the department acquired broader perspective with the introduction of post graduate programme in 1984, under the initiative of shri PS R Menon the then Head of the Department.The departments of history and politics were bifurcated in the year 1989.

Teaching faculty reveals a blend of experience and young dynamism.there are ongoing minor research projects and participation in seminars and workshops there is a well equipped PG library and facilities for smart classes.In tune with its vision to help our students to meet the needs of changing times, the department is trying to conduct more skill development programmes like workshop on online share market trading , training in SPSS.The department mentors its students through orientation programmes, and advises them on career progression. It hopes to produce good quality students with social commitment . The department has a strong network of alumni from all walks of life.

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Sajitha PP

Assistant Professor

Dr. Maya C Pillai

Assistant Professor & Head

Anuradha .P.

Assistant Professor

Rahul V. Kumar

Assistant Professor


Assistant Professor