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(2009 admission onwards)

University of Calicut has launched choice based credit semester system (CCSS) for regular students of under graduate (UG) courses for 2009 admission onwards. The duration for three programme will have four types of courses such as common course (Code A- English, second Language etc), Core courses (Code B – Main Subject ) complementary courses (Code C – Supplementary subject) and open course (Code D – Choice based and Newly introduced course). Course evaluation includes both internal evaluation (25% weightage) and external evaluation (75% weightage). Course evaluation in by grading system. The overall grade for the whole programme will be awarded to the student based on his/her overall academic performance using a seven point scale – A+, A, B+, B, C+, C and D grades. The successful completion of all courses (common, core, complementary and open) prescribed for the Degree programme with C grade shall be the minimum requirement for the award of the degree .