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The club aims to create awareness among the student community about the hazards of ecological debilitation and the need of a sustainable life style. Here the students are trained in such a way that they help in preserving the natural habitat and create an eco-sensibility. Different talks, debates, seminars and discussions on environmental issues are organized.

  • Convenor: Dr. Ranjusha A P,

  •      Members :
  • Ms. Manjula P.S.
  • Ms. Latha, P.
  • Dr. Sreedevi N. Kutty
  • Ms. Manju, M.J.

    The important activities include

    • A survey was conducted on traditional farming methods practiced by local farmers for collecting data about the traditional knowledge N.S.S. College, Ottapalam
    • A programme for encouraging the utility of organic farming and spread the message of health hazards in use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals
    • Maintaines a herbal and vegetable garden in the college
    • Cleaning of local water bodies was conducted
    • Conducted a comprehensive study to find out the root cause of the pathetic condition of the dying river Nila and planned an eco-restoration of the same
    • One day seminar on medicinal plants and their exhibition was organized
    • A clean campus programme to eradicate plastic waste was arranged
    • 2015 environmental day was celebrated by planting trees and conducting poster exhibition.
    • One day seminar on ‘conservation of nature & role of human beings’ was conducted
    • A poster exhibition and seminar was organized on the importance of ozone layer
    • As a part of Gandhi Jayanthi, one week programme of clean campus was organized
    • One day seminar on Jaivakrishi for the students was conducted
    • 2016 environment day was celebrated by planting trees in the campus
    • An exhibition about deforestation and discussion was conducted
    • In connection with world water day one day seminar on Nila protection was Arranged