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Anti-Ragging Squad was constituted for handling incidents of ragging inside the College. The squad consists of the Principal as the Chairman, a senior faculty as the co-ordinator and other senior faculties as its members.  It takes efforts to check and stop ragging instances in our College and ensure general discipline. During the annual admission process, the committee takes efforts to create awareness among the senior students regarding the seriousness of such activities. All HODs also monitor the activities of the senior students and try to prevent ragging cases.

   The present committee members of anti-ragging squad are:

              Chairman:   Dr. Sajeev K(Principal)

              Convener:   Nayana. K(Dept. of Physics)

              Members:  All first year degree tutors and selected students from all classes are the members of anti-ragging squad. 15 teachers and 65 students are included in the squad.
             Student Leaders: Pranav. M. S(Dept. of Economics), Vinduja. V. Kumar(Dept. of Economics)


Flash mob on 27/07/2018

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