Anti- Ragging Cell should be constituted in the college which functions as per university guidelines. As per Supreme Court Verdict No. 2495/2004 dtd 16/5/2007 and or No. F98/2000 dtd 5/12/2006 of Ministry of Human Resources any sort of offensive action or misbehaviour on the part of students to juniors or others will be considered as ragging. Victims of such incidents have got the right to complain to the Principal. Strict action will be taken against those indulged in incidents of ragging and he/she shall be expelled from the college without prior notice.

              The present committee members of anti-ragging cell are:

              Chairman:   Dr. T.S . Sujatha

              Convener:   Dr.T R Sreelatha

              Members:   Dr.Sindhu G Nair

                      Dr.Devadas VP

                      Sri V Jayakrishnan

             The present committee members of anti-ragging squad are:

              Chairman:   Dr. TL Remadevi

              Convener:   Smt Indu P Nair

              Members:   Smt Sunitha B

                      Smt Prameela P

                      Dr K Sajeev