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English Department


Transmission of Culture through Education “You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.”-C.S. Lewis.

The Department of English at N.S.S.COLLEGE OTTAPALAM provides students with the opportunity of savouring a text. The Department is coeval with the college and was established in 1961 with Smt. V Padmini as the Head of the Department and the PG Courses commenced soon after (from 1962 onwards). We have 12 permanent faculty members among whom are research guides, PhD holders, University Board members etc. The department actively encourage both the academic and non-academic activities of the students. We have a heterogeneous student community who come from various strata of society. The Department has a proud history of producing rank holders at the University level and many winners of UGC National Eligibility Test, and our students are well placed in different walks of life. The Department has hosted several academic programmes like seminars and talks by distinguished personalities and co-curricular activities including a literary club Dialogue, and a Film club Prisma.

Undergraduate and graduate students, whether planning to enter professional or academic job markets after graduation, leave with skills allowing them to communicate, collaborate, and problem solve in an increasingly-globalized cultural landscape. Student–faculty interaction is at the center of our department.

The Department of English houses a vibrant, diverse, and engaged faculty. Our publications and pedagogy are centered on the study of literature, film, and culture. The close study of cultural texts offers the most humane and sensitive opportunity to articulate compelling questions. As teachers and advisors to graduate and post graduate students, we train the next generation of professors and scholars. In our academic strategies, we strive to create a more inclusive and representative class of higher education professionals.

A large department, The English Department exhibits extensive diversification across various fields of interest. Our scholarship highlights diversity in narrative, literary, popular culture, and the breaking down of traditional boundaries. We foster strong interdisciplinary ties with African American Studies, Women’s Writing, Ethnic American Literature, Post-colonial Writings, and Culture Studies at the PG level and American and Postcolonial Literature, Regional Literatures in Translation, and Media Studies at the UG level.

The Department’s goals over the next few years include:

    • Continuing to strengthen film and new media studies in ways that differentiate our program from similar programs and establish a position of leadership.
    • Developing better support structures for the Language Lab that will make its facilities sustainable for our students.
    • To publish a literary magazine edited by department faculty.
    • To more effectively prepare graduate students for successful placements in a competitive job market.


The Department has a fully functioning language lab. It has a Postgraduate library, containing select books befitting research and analysis of the core texts exclusively for the use of its PG students and teachers. We have organised several National and regional seminars and literary workshops with eminent scholars as keynote speakers. For its enviable achievements over the years, this department is one of the best of its kind.



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