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Women's Cell

സ്ത്രീ സുരക്ഷ എന്ന വിഷയത്തിൽ ക്ലാസ് എടുത്തു കൊണ്ട് ഒറ്റപ്പാലം വനിതാ സെൽ എസ്.ഐ ശ്രീമതി .വി.അനില കുമാരി ഉദ്‌ഘാടനം ചെയ്തു. പ്രിസിപ്പൽ ഡോ. ബാലചന്ദ്രൻ സർ അദ്ധ്യക്ഷത വഹിച്ച ചടങ്ങിൽ ഡോ.ഇ.എം.സുരജ സ്വാഗതവും കുമാരി ഷിഫാന എസ്.നന്ദിയും പറഞ്ഞു. വിമൻസിവിൽ പോലീസ് ഓഫീസർ ശ്രീമതി മഹേശ്വരി , കോളേജ് മാഗസിൻ എഡിറ്റർ കുമാരി നിലീന എന്നിവർ സംസാരിച്ചു.
A Women’s Cell is actively functioning in the college to sort out problems of women in the society and college in particular. The cell aims at sensitizing the community on gender issues. Other aims and objectives include giving career guidance to girls, conducting health awareness classes, arranging classes about community living and conducting seminars on issues related to gender. This is a consortium of women students and teachers for their own development and growth. Different activities are organized to motivate and escort them to lead a better life in society. Seminars and talks are arranged to address common problems and issues faced by women in the present scenario.
Dr. Suraja, E.M.
Smt. Manju B.L.
Smt. Deepthi, V.
Smt. Sunitha, K.G.
Smt. Anuradha
Smt. Prabha, P.
The activities of the cell include
A talk by Mrs. K.R. Indira on Women and the Society, being a supporter of women’s movements and a popular writer, she gavenew perspectives to the women community of the college on the role and treatment of women in the society
Ms. Anumol Mathew, counselor, District hospital, Palakkad conducted a interactive session on Domestic Violence: Issues and Solutions.
Dr. Hemalatha K.K., Head, Department of Zoology delivered a talk on Health Issues Faced by Women N.S.S. College, Ottapalam
A seminar entitled ‘ALTER/NATIVE WOR(L)DS’ was organized in relation with the International Women’s Day. A film exhibition and photo exhibition was also conducted as part of it
A talk by Dr. C.S. Abhilash, counseling psychologist was arranged
A class on Self Defense Techniques for women was organized; Miss Athira K. and Mr. Abdul Rahim A were in charge of the classes based on the martial art form, Karate
Cell arranged Yoga classes for the students as a crash course in Yoga- a 14 day programme where the teacher, Ms. Pankajam made them practice postures which can solve the common health issues of girls of adolescent period
A talk on ‘Social Exclusion of Women in the Age of Globalisation’ was delivered by Ms. Sheeba K., Assistant Professor of English, Govt. Victoria College, Palakkad
One day seminar entitled ‘Women Reimagining Boundaries’ was organized. The theatre and film artist Ms. Hima Sankar and Dr. Sreepriya R. Assistant Professor (Govt. Victoria College, Palakkad) were the chief guests of the two sessions.
Adv.Anoop Parakkat talk on Domestic Violence and Cyber Violence and Criminal laws.
Women’s Health Seminar Dr.Anitha Viswambaran of Kottakkal Ayurveda Medical College,
One day programme on Mental, emotional well being of women by Mrs.Nanda Gopakumar from Thiruvananthapuram.
Workshop on Concentration Building through Yoga by T.N.Vijayakumar, former Principal, NSS College, Manjeri.
Short term Karate course was organized by Women cell in February.



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