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Birds Club International

Under the instruction of Department of Collegiate Education, NSS College Ottapalam initiated Birds Club International unit with inauguration on 06th October, 2017. Birds Club International is a project initiated by the well-known film director Mr. Jayaraj under the umbrella of Jayaraj Foundation, which came into being in 2010. This green initiative aims to create rain groves (miniature forests), connecting students through bird watching and thereby reviving the nature and ecosystem we are losing. Objectives: Environmental revival, conservation, and promoting sustainable use of natural resources- with the focus on Birds. Birds serve as excellent flagships and vital environmental indicators of the climate and weather conditions of a place. By focusing on birds, and the sites and habitats on which they depend, the Birds Club International aims to improve the quality of life for birds, other wildlife (biodiversity), and for the people.


  • Creating rain groves
  • Competitions and activities collegiate level such as:
    Documentary, short film and feature film competition
    Photography Contest with regard to conservation and preservation at the college level and an exhibition on the same.
    Public forums once a month, where various ecological issues will be discussed at national and international levels.
Birds Club International Gallery