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Hindi Department

The Department of Hindi of the N.S.S. College, Ottapalam began to function in the year 1961. In the beginning Hindi was taught as Part II – Second Language in Pre Degree level. In the year 1968 the Department upgraded and began to offer regular B.A.Degree – Hindi Language and Literature course. Now B.A Hindi Language and Literature Programme having Common, Core and Complimentary papers. All the papers are teaching in Hindi language and handled by the teachers of the Hindi Department which is followed in the previous period also. Total seats offered 40.

In the academic year 2014-2015 according to CUCBCSS the University of Calicut has revised the Scheme and Syllabus of B.A Programme [U.G] as Common, Core and Complimentary courses in Hindi. Internal assessment also decided to give. 20 marks for Internal Assessment and 80 marks for External examination to each paper. [Internal marks distribute as 5 marks for Attendance, 5 marks for Assignments/Seminars etc and 10 marks for Terminal Examinations.

The main goal is to propagate the use of National and Official Language Hindi and to promote Nationalism and Humanism through language. Learning of Hindi make the students competent for many job opportunities in Central Govt: undertakings. This help them to communicate in Hindi with the people of other states in India. It also foster the creative skills of students. Drafting in Hindi, Training in News Reading and Spoken Hindi will strengthen their skills.



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